How to Reduce Your AC Operating Cost?

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Cooling your office and home with the air conditioner means that you can rely on a comfy indoor environment. When you are in control of temperature regularly, however, the cost of energy consumption could be quite costly. You can decrease your energy bill while maintaining a pleasant environment both in the office and at home. To help cut down on costs linked with your air conditioner usage, here are a few simple guidelines that you can follow in order to help decrease energy bills.

Set your AC
Set your AC to 24 degrees Celsius during summer. For each degree of cooling, you go without, you save energy consumption. Remember this when adjusting the temperatures, and avoid getting too cold in the summer. As a generalized rule, try not to set your temperature lower than 8 degrees Celsius below the outdoor temperature during summer.

The heat absorption could be reduced drastically during the summer season if you’ve curtains, awnings, shutters, or shades attached to your windows. As a consequence, your air conditioner bills will be low.

Sleeping hours
For comfy sleeping during the summer season, you don’t require the air conditioner unit to run at the same temperature as it does all through the day. Raise set temperature down in order that it uses lesser energy at night hours. You will not notice the differences while sleeping, but your energy savings will be considerable.

Remember the fan
The fans aid in circulating cool air produced by your air conditioning unit, meaning lesser air has to be pumped in the room. The fans usually reduce the needs for air conditioner and offer comfortable temperatures at reduced costs.

Keep it shut
Always keep doors and windows closed, or your AC will have no effects and result in higher power consumption.

Ensure that your air conditioner is maintained on a regular basis and that the system’s filter is either cleaned or replaced in order to maintain optimal efficiency. A dirty air filter makes any AC unit work harder, means more electricity and high energy costs. Utilize recommendations by the manufacturer to avoid any energy waste as well as overworking the air conditioner unit. As a general rule, filters must be cleaned or replaced once every month.

Alternative units
Window or portable air conditioner units are excellent if you wish to cool the area you’re in. They can utilize nearly half of as much energy that a central air conditioner unit uses for the same area, and in this way, you will not unnecessarily be cooling the unused parts of your home.

Reduce heat emission
Turn lights off in unused parts of your house and this will reduce the amount of heat that is being emitted in your house. It might not seem like a great difference but it definitely adds up. Keep in mind that ovens, printers, computers, and other equipment emit heat, and during summer it’ll add to your AC running cost.

Bigger is not better always
Avoid the desire to buy an air conditioner unit that’s bigger than what is needed by your house. Get a professional recommendation from AC Repair Buckeye to avoid any unnecessary monetary outlay for the unit and cost of a future energy bill.

Right insulation in your office or home can lessen the energy costs by decreasing the needs for auxiliary cooling systems.

Proper circulation around your AC units, both outside and inside, are important for optimum efficiency. Ensure that the inside system isn’t blocked by furniture, plants, fixtures, or curtains, and the outside system isn’t blocked by dust or accumulation plants.


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